First Carbon Neutral company of Uruguay under ISO 14.064-1, audited by:



Confidentiality Policy

The confidence our clients deposit on us, is one of our most important actives. Our confidentiality policy is committed to ensuring the privacy and protection of all the information provided by our clients. Our policy implies the following compromises:

exclusive use of the information for the specific finality accorded with our clients;
restrictions to the use of this information only to those exclusively authorized; and
give back immediately all the documents handed in by our clients, once its use is considered unnecessary for the finality. All our staff and independent professionals contracted for specific tasks have signed or have to sign an adhesion contract to Pike’s Forestry Consultants confidence policy.
Social Compromise Policy

In Pike Forestry Consultants, we develop our activities in a full social network whose members are mainly different actors: the uruguayan Forestry Sector, our employees and collaborators, their respective families and the uruguayan society in general. Pike Forestry Consultants recognizes its responsibility in this context,
mainly by:

advising our clients about the use of good practices to enhance the social benefits of their activities;
the compliance of all our legal and contractual obligations;
facilitating opportunities for the continual personal development of our staff and collaborators, developing comfortable and safe working conditions and
be aware and conscious about the social consequences of our activities, trying in every case to adopt those decisions leading towards improving our social network.

Enviromental Policy

Pike Forestry Consultants has adopted a policy towards minimizing the negative environmental impacts of our activities. This policy includes the following compromises:

advise our clients about the use of good practices which minimize the negative environmental impacts of their activities;
the adoption of measures towards minimizing the use of energy for illumination, temperature regulation and people’s transport;
the benefits of recycling paper, batteries and other raw materials and;
provide permanent attention to the negative environmental consequences, trying in each case to adopt those decisions leading towards improving our natural background.
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