First Carbon Neutral company of Uruguay under ISO 14.064-1, audited by:


Pike Forestry Consultants has brought together a team of professionals with deep knowledge in forest plantations and management, together with the logistics and industrialization of Uruguayan wood products, and also broad experience in the development of local and international projects.

Álvaro Pérez del Castillo
Executive Manager

Forestry Engineer (Uruguayan State University-UDELAR). He developed his career at the LATU (Uruguayan Technological Laboratory), in charge of wood industrial processes and mechanical properties research of the Uruguayan Eucalyptus and Pine wood. He has attended numerous courses in Brazil (Federal University of Viçosa), Chile, Argentina and Japan (3 months at the FFPRI “Forest and Forestry Products Research Institute”. He has published various papers and dictated conferences in international forums.

Alejandro Castroman
Forestry Projects

Forestry Engineer (Uruguayan State University-UDELAR). He has specialized in forestry inventories and valuations, leading teams of young Forestry Engineers. Specialized in Sustainable forestry practices. He joined Pike Forestry Consultants in September-06.

Agustin Inthamoussu
Forestry Projects

About to finish his studies to become an agronomist at the Republic University. Attended the following courses, necessary to achieve the University Degree in Forestry, at the Talca University in Chile: Geomatics, Introduction to Energetics and Greenhouse Gas Accounting, and Wood Seasoning, Business Administration, Harvesting Systems, Water and Soil Conservation.

Enrique Luque
Responsably of GIS Area and Remote Sensing

Graduated from the Republic University as Land Surveyor. His area of expertise is Geographical Information Systems and analysis of satellite images. Worked in the Geomatics Department of the Municipal Government of Montevideo, in projects which involved the generation and publication of geographic data about the city, through aerial photographs taken in 2003 and 2007. Joined the company in June, 2007. He is currently in charge of the Geographical Information Systems and Remote Perception department.

Alexandra Cartalla
Finance Administration

CPA student from the University of the Republic (UDELAR). Alexandra is currently in charge of internal economic/financial information.

Camila Martínez
Executive Assistant

Camila studied for Executive Assistant at the Colegio José Pedro Varela and is currently a law student at the University of the Republic (UDELAR).

Yamile Tejera
Division Inventarios Forestales

Estudiante de la carrera de Contador Público en la Universidad de la República (UDELAR). Alexandra es responsable de proveer y manejar información contable y financiera.

Luis Guerrini
Responsable Trabajos de Campo

Estudiante de la carrera de Contador Público en la Universidad de la República (UDELAR). Alexandra es responsable de proveer y manejar información contable y financiera.

Sebastian Gonzalez
Responsable Trabajos de Campo

Estudiante de la carrera de Contador Público en la Universidad de la República (UDELAR). Alexandra es responsable de proveer y manejar información contable y financiera.

At present, Pike Forestry Consultants has developed a complete F.I.S (Forest Information System), in which we have been working uninterruptly since the year 2002. We likewise have a complete Forestry Data Base, which allows us to analyze the current and project the future availability of timber, both in Uruguay and in Argentina. The F.I.S contains two main elements:
A complete GIS (Geographical Information Systems) which contains detailed information about each plantation in Uruguay, describing for each planted cadastral unit the following issues: owner, species, year of plantation, forest management, distance to the most important points such as ports and industries. At the same time, the GIS provides information about the existing natural resources at different levels: cadastral units and farm level (soil type, contour maps, geological maps, hydrological maps including rivers and streams). In addition information about the internal routes, departmental routes, railway lines, distance to ports and the corresponding distances to villages and cities is provided.
Related GIS database, with complementary information such as: harvesting year, estimated timber volume, plantation date, last harvest, IMA’s, etc.

We have established strategic alliances with regional consulting companies in specific areas and have open access to the leading local and international actors in forestry and the forest-based industry scene. We likewise have a modern GIS (Geographical Information System),
unique in Uruguay


An independent consulting company, established in the year 2000 to provide specialized expertise on Climate Change (CDM - Clean Development Mechanism) to industries, governments and civilian organizations. Its headquarters are based in Montevideo, Uruguay


Empresa pionera de servicios independientes de comercialización de productos forestales e industriales provenientes de bosques cultivados del Cono Sur de América Latina. El objetivo principal de PIKE & CIA COMERCIAL es promover las exportaciones de productos forestales, buscando nuevos mercados y desarrollando los ya existentes.


Servicio de asesoría y gerenciamiento en actividades relacionadas con la actividad forestal, el uso y la conservación de los recursos naturales.


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